O Bottom Rail

1 (Front View)

Stickley Fern Table

Feet m

/ Remove waste / after cutting dadoes.

Backrest Bottom Rail (Top and Front Views)

Seat Bail & Support Cleat (inside view)


Back Bottom Bail (Inside View)

Making the Curved Tenon Template.




Use the bottom shape of the pattern at right to transfer the curve of the arched rails to the top edge of your Curved Tenon Template. See the sidebar on page 34 for the routing instructions.

Arm Supports Front and Back

(Side Views)

Tenon Machining Detail

Slat Tenons Rail Tenons

Arm Chair Additional Pieces

Arm Supports Front and Back

(Side Views)

Center all mortises.

(Front View)

1VU-(Side View)

Plug Locations

The 16 flush sanded plugs are all centered over their tenons. Check the exploded view on page 32 for the various locations.

The locations for the 4 pyramid shaped plugs (which decorate the upper aspect of the chair legs) are shown at left.

Cut your leg blank to overall size, as indicated on the material list. Lay out the front edge as shown at left. Slice off the front aspects on your table saw, and then use a combination square to layout the parallel back edge.

(Front View)

1VU-(Side View)

t I-HIV Side Seat Rail (Face view)


Side Arched Rail

Side Slats

(Face View)

1 1 — h*- 3Vä"-»j r/8">j k WI'A'V Hi'^v I

Review the instructions on pg. 34 (and on the full-size pattern) when you're ready to mill the side slats' top tenons.

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