Hanging Cabinet 64

Pipe Shelves 65

Chair made from the Ship of Sir Francis

Drake 66

Italian Oak Pedestal 69

Frescoes executed uuder Raphael's Direction 75

Mediaeval Gothic Hall 81

Modern Gothic Window and Curtain 82

Modern Gothic Sideboard 83

Modern Gothic Chair 84

Modern Gothic Piano 85

Drawing-room in Modern Gothic 86

Cinque-cento Panel 88

Italiau Oak Chair, Henri II.; Walnut Credence, Louis XII.; French and

Flemish Pottery 90

Flemish Chair, 1680; Oak Credence, Francis I.; Screen in Flemish Tapestry 91


Armoire inlaid with Marble and Colored Wood, Francis I.; Italian Walnut Chair, Seventeenth Century;

Bust in White Faience, Koueu 92

Cabinet, Henri II 94

Piano, Louis XIII 95

Diuing-table, Louis XIII 96

Ebony Cabinet, Child1« Walnut Chair, Oak Easel, Louis XIII.; Italian Sconce, with Copper and Gold Chasing, Sixteenth Century 97

Renaissance Table 98

Great Chamber of Montacute 100

Elizabethan Table from Leeds Castle,

Kent 102

Couucil-chamber of Courtray 104

Elizabethan Table from Longford Castle 106 Elizabethan Table from Flaxton Hall,

Suffolk 107

Flemish Chair of Crispin de Passe 108

Flemish Tables 109 j

Jacobean Cabinet 110

Jacobean Court Cupboard Ill j

Dining-room of Crewe Hall 112

Another Jacoboan Court Cupboard 112

Diuing-room at Holland House 113

Louis Quatorze Chair 116

Louis Qnatorze Drawing-room 118

Glass Room, with Flowers and Fountains 123

Louis Seize Chair 126

Louis Seize Bedchamber 128

Pompeian Bath-room 133

Modern Pompeian Parlor 135

First Empire Psyche-glass 138

First Empire Arm-chair 138

First Empire Bedstead 139

Moresque Sofa, Mirror, and Vase 145

Eastlake Dining-table 148

Eastlake Sideboard 150

Eastlake Chair 152


Silver Furniture of the Time of James

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