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fXVEEE following chapters on the history and character of Household - Furniture, originally published in HarperBazar, are reprinted at the solicitation of many readers, with some additions and emendations.

While admitting inevitable deficiencies, it is but just to say that they have been compiled with care and research, much time has passed in their preparation, and almost every known authority has been consulted—the resources of the Congressional Library, directed by the great learning of its librarian, having been placed at the disposal of the writer during the study of the subject.

Particular acknowledgment of indebtedness is made to the writings of Turner, Strutt, Palmer, Fergusson, Wornum, and Dresser, as well as to such volumes as Nash's " Mansions of England," S. C. Hall's " Baronial Halls," Chippendale's Plates, Sir Samuel Myrick's " Specimens of Ancient Furniture," Shaw's " Elizabethan House," Texier and Pullan on " Byzantine Art," Racinet on "Polychromatic Ornament," Sir William Chambers's Chinese plates, and the South Kensington hand-books, together with the invaluable works of MM. La Rousse, Paul La Croix, August Demmin, Jules Jacquemart, and Yiollet-le-Duc, with many more, indeed, whose names it is unnecessary to enumerate.

For personal courtesies, for information, and for designs, the writer begs to thank, in company with others, Messrs. Pottier & Stymus, Kimbel & Cabus, Herter Brothers, and Cottier & Co., of New York; Messrs. Goupil, of Paris; and Messrs. William Morris & Co., Cox & Sons, Herbert & Co., and William Dalgleish, of London.



  1. Furniture in the Beginning 13
  2. In the Dark Ages 17
  3. Woman's Share 21
  4. The Seat 25
  5. The Bed 34
  6. The Table 40
  7. The Sideboard 46
  8. The Mirror and Glass 51
  9. Minor Articles 58
  10. The Material 66
  11. Coverings 70
  12. The Ornament 74
  13. The Gothic Style 81
  14. The Renaissance 88
  15. The Elizabethan 101
  16. The Jacobean 108
  17. The Louis Quatorze 114
  18. The Louis Quinze 120
  19. Louis Seize 125
  20. The Pompeian 131
  21. The First Empire 137
  22. The Moorish 141
  23. The Eastlake 147
  24. The Queen Anne 154
  25. Oriental Styles 161
  26. Modern Furniture 167
  27. Carpets 171
  28. Curtains 176
  29. Wall-paper 181
  30. The Hall 186
  31. The Dining-room 191
  32. The Boudoir and Sitting-room 198
  33. The Bedroom 203
  34. The Library 210
  35. Drawing-room 215
  36. Bric-à-brac 224
  37. The Art of Furnishing 231



Screen Frontispiece

Pompeiau Table 14

Chamber of Castle in Twelfth Century... 16

Medieval Dresser 24

Modern Gothic Dining-room Seat 25

Italian Bench of Sixteenth Century; Flemish Weapons; Italian and Palis-

sy Ware 26

Modern Gothic Sofa 27

Another Italian Bench ; Tapestry, Subject "The Prodigal Son" 28

Fauteuil of Charles V., Fourteenth Century 29

Venetian Chair, Sixteenth Century; Bust by Jacques Sarazin 30

Modern Gothic Drawing-room Chairs 31 State Chair of Oak, Louis XII.; French >

Chair, Seventeenth Century 31

Flemish Chair, End of Fifteenth Cen tury 32

Another Venetian Chair 32

Bed of Twelfth Century, "Dream of Pilate's Wife" 35

Oak Bedstead, Louis XIII., of Flemish

Tapestry, Brussels, 1530-'40 37

Great Bed of Ware 38

Castle Chamber in the Fifteenth Century 39

Elevation of Drawing-room Table 40

Mediffival Table of Great Personages 42

French Renaissance Table 43

Flemish Tables 44

Modern Gothic Table 45

Modern Gothic Sideboard 46

Early Credence 47

Modern Gothic Bric-A-brac Cabinet 48

Dutch Renaissance Cabinet 49

Italian Cabinet, Ebony inlaid with Ivory; Carvings illustrating Jerusalem Delivered, Sixteenth Century; Venetian Chair 50

Modern Gothic Girandoles 51

Mirror of the Time of Elizabeth 55

Mirror of the Time of Charles II 55

Reuaissance Table, with Mirror 56

Chest in Carved Oak inlaid with Colored

Wood, Norman Work, 1550 60

Couvre - feu, Seventeenth Century ; Italian Bellows, Sixteenth Century; Italian Bronze Andirons, same Date; Gobelins Tapestry, Time of Louis

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